The Saolin sect is very large and has a limited knowledge of martial arts compared to other schools in In the multiplication world...

Section: SM, SZ, SC

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Tang Clan

The Tang Party has been waiting in the Tang Palace in Sichuan province for hundreds of generations. In the martial arts world, they have a reputation for producing and designing secret weapons, guns and ammunition.

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The Emei Party lived on Mount Emei, formerly known as the Shi Chuan Party. Created by a woman who was formerly known as the Fist of Justice.

Section: Pin, Sword

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In the world, Wudang is the sacred land of Taoism, and Wudang is happy and has the same status as Shoalin on Song Mountain. That is why in the world it is known that : north of Shaolin, south of Wudang

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Yang Family

The Yang family mansion is the residence of Yang Ye, the hero of the Song who sacrificed his life for Against the Liao army.

Section: Yang Bow, Yang Spear

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Begger Sect

The Beggar Party is one of the largest and most prestigious parties in the world, Good party discipline.

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Five Poison

Miao is in a remote area with dangerous terrain, with all kinds of poisonous animals, and the locals are cruel...

Section: 5PW, 5PP

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Kun Lun

The Khun Lun Party lives on the top of Khun Lun Mountain in the western part of the village, hundreds of yards away from Central and rarely visited. ..

Section: Kun Lun Sword

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Chui Yan

During the Tang Dynasty, when the country was unstable, the people fell into disaster. In order to protect themselves, the people gathered in an alliance, created by women dancers.

Section: CYD, CYF

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Ming Cult

The Ming religion was founded by a group of Persians from the Persians who came to China during the Tang Dynasty. And began to develop from then on.

Section: MC, MS, MB

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